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In this page you'll find NikkoMachine's progress in Google's Search Result and the steps I've made to achieve its ranking.

NikkoMachine - Started June 15, 2012

July 2 - Top 1!

June 28 - Top 2!

  • Still no link building effort made
June 25 - Ranked 25
June 24 - Second Post Published: Using Google Spreadsheet to Scrape Link Prospects
June 23 - Website already indexed
  • NikkoMachine already Indexed
  • Authorship Markup showing when searched for nikkomachine
  • Still no link building effort made
  • Not in top 100 for keyword
June 19 - Published First Post - Introduction
  • No link building effort
  • Not in top 100 for keyword seo strategies philippines
June 16 - Added Authorship Markup

June 15 - Started NikkoMachine; Target Keyword: "seo strategies philippines"
  • Title: NikkoMachine SEO Strategies Blog from the Philippines
  • Description: Search Engine Optimization Blog from the Philippines run by Nikko Marasigan, an SEO Specialist based in Manila
  • Added picture and a description on the sidebar (No Post Yet)